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About Us

Jim Vincent started selling to libraries across Tennessee in 1968.  The business started as Jim Vincent's Media Mart.  He developed lasting friendships and loyal customers as the business grew.  Sarah was an integral part of the business and helped in the development along the way.  She began calling on librarians with him in 2000. They continued until his death in 2002. Sarah continued the business, brought Debbie Vincent on board, and Vincent and Vincent Booksellers evolved into the non-fiction library book specialists we are today.  Beginning in 2008, we have several publishers with whom we can offer fiction titles as well, helping you to obtain more of the necessary books for your library all in one place!  We are pleased to be able to serve our schools and public librarians across the state of Tennessee! You can depend on the personal service you will always receive from Vincent and Vincent booksellers.

Our favorite calls are those that say "I needed it quick so I called you because I knew you would do it right!"  Thank you for all of the loyalty and support you have given the Vincent family through the years.

Library book specialists ... where personal service is still important. We love helping you find books that you need and want for your library: that's what we do!

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